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Discover the interests of your community of Twitter and Instagram and track the performances of your competitors or partners.


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Hot Interests

You would like to keep up with trends but don't find the time for it ?

Social Chroma can provide you weekly easy-to-access updates about what topics are gaining traction.

Spot your market trends at their very beginning
Identify potential competitors before they are a real threat

Watch list

Do you have partners or competitors you would like to monitor the performances on social media ?

With Social Chroma, you can build your own watch list to easily track these topics and get a clear overview of what's going on.

Choose the pages to follow, choose an interval, networks to display
Compare by size or growth in a wink with out historical data
Integration of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Interests board

You would like to better understand your customers to take better strategical decisions but don't have the time or the money for expensive data mining studies ?

Social Chroma can help you get statistically relevant data in a very cost effective manner.

Find out what are the top interests of your customers.
Order by size, evolution, affinity.
Filter the data for even more relevant insights.


Homelidays Morgan FC Nordsjælland NøddeBazaren
Bianco. Jane Kønig Bolcheriet Trendbazaar Vega
Fun Center Mani Pine Petite Friture Lucie Kaas Samsøe Samsøe
Arla JYSK Aab AS Monaco Elle


Plan Followers Sample Monthly price
Free Trial - 200 -
Starter < 10 000 500 50 €
Medium < 50 000 1 000 70 €
Large < 200 000 1 500 110 €
X-Large < 1 000 000 2 000 170 €
Global < 5 000 000 3 000 250 €
Custom > 5 000 000 - Contact us

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Easily spot trends.
Keep track the performance of your partners and competitors.
Get to know your customers
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